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FOSCR priorities for 2022

This page will be regularly updated with news about our projects we're developing. If you would to donate towards these projects please click the 'donate now' button. Every penny will be spent on promoting the park and our projects.

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Extend the playground area

  • To create additional, safe space.

  • If you would like to join this project please contact us


Get planting!

  • Continuing to add more chery blossom trees as well as native trees that will continue to support the local wildlife.

  • Maintaining our wildflower area. We are working with the 'Brilliant Butterflies' project run by the London Wildlife Trust and Croydon Council. Read more here

  • Bulb planting - depending on the success of last year's planting we hope to add more towards the end of the year.

Image by Cole Marshall


Keep the park clean 

    • Keep the park litter free

    • Install new recycling bins alongside the existing bins

    • To join us at our next litter pick click here